Poor Dick's Almanac

"Richard Nixon died on April 22, 1994, 17 days after Kurt Cobain, and America has been a more boring country ever since."
--Ted Widmer, reviewing David Greenberg's book Nixon's Shadow
in The New York Times Book Review, 11/16/2003, p. 11.

Milhous Gloriosus

nixon_lincoln_comp.jpg (33281 bytes)
Dick, ski jump nicely
backlit, with bust of Lincoln
dick_pat_beach_comp.jpg (33441 bytes)
Dick the outdoorsman
with Pat on the beach
at San Clemente
nixon_china_comp.jpg (43750 bytes)
Dick surveys China:
"It's a great wall."
nixon_chou_comp.jpg (33470 bytes)
Red-bait and switch:
tippling with Chou En-lai
nixon_san_clemente_comp.jpg (37816 bytes)
Dick struggles to look affable
at the Western White House
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Nixon and impressionable youth, 1960

Dick and disciples
Dick signing autographs in his President-of-the-Senate Office at the Capitol, June 1960. The book is Earl Mazo's campaign biography. The entertained high school students are from Minnesota and winners of the Minneapolis Star's "World Affairs Contest." At the right is Rep. Walter Judd (R), from Minneapolis. The cropped photo inscription is from Judd to one of the students, second from left in the madras jacket and the compiler of this web site. The impressionable students also enjoyed being photographed with J. Edgar Hoover.

Vox Nixonii

"A respectable Republican cloth coat"
Checkers speech, Los Angeles, 9/23/52

"Trisha, the six year old, named him Checkers"
Checkers speech, Los Angeles, 9/23/52

"We can't stand pat!"
Presidential debate, New York City, 10/21/60

"You won't have Nixon to kick aound any more"
Concession speech, California gubernatorial race,
Los Angeles, 11/7/62

"I am not a crook!"
Orlando, Florida, 11/17/73

Nixon still the gold standard

"[Bush] has brought deep dishonor to our country and built a durable reputation as the most dishonest president since Richard Nixon."

--Al Gore, May 26, 2004

nixroof.jpg (8091 bytes)
Sur le toit
� Halsman Estate, � Fotofolio
Le pianiste
(photo by Philippe Halsman)
NixXmas.jpg (165705 bytes)
En famille